Buy British!

There has never been a better time to buy British.

To start with the weak pound is making imported equipment relatively more expensive to buy. In the majority of cases British manufacturers can also offer superior lead times, spare parts availability and after sales service.

But that’s not all. British designed and manufactured equipment is ideal for British applications. For example large British ovens, with side opening doors, are perfect for the traditional roast.

European manufacturers in contrast tend to stick to shallow ovens with drop down doors. Side opening doors make it easy to reach into our large, deep ovens, maintaining a safe, straight-backed posture, to remove heavy, hot dishes. They also avoid the serious tripping hazard of a drop down door left open.

In addition British kitchens are often limited in terms of size, with the result that a British built 6-burner range, which is typically 900mm wide fits perfectly, whereas an imported model, which is typically larger, does not.

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