£1/2million investment in state of the art laser cutting equipment

We have recently invested more than £500,000 in a Bystronic Byspeed 3015 laser cutting machine. The high-tech equipment has been installed at our Lincoln-based factory and will be used to cut steel components for our range of over 450 separate items of catering equipment, including commercial fryers, ovens, grills and griddles.

“Our new laser cutting machine offers several important manufacturing advantages over the traditional punch press machinery it replaces”, said Nick McDonald, Marketing Director of Lincat Ltd. “It’s quicker, more accurate and can run, virtually unattended, 24 hours per day, which will enable us to increase production. It can also cut right up to the edge of the steel, which we believe will result in a significant saving on raw materials.

He continued…

“Since a laser cuts with a beam of light, rather than a physical tool, we’ll also be saving on tools and servicing. The fact that we won’t need to invest in new cutting tools each time we want to try something new, will be a huge advantage to our team of new product design engineers.”

He concluded…

“After a tough year in 2009, we’re now beginning to see a recovery in sales and this investment demonstrates our confidence in the future of our business. It also underlines our commitment to British manufacturing. Whilst others have decided to compete by importing cheap products, we’ve chosen to invest in manufacturing efficiency. This will enable us to continue to meet the demand for high quality, British made equipment.”

For further information about Lincat products, please visit www.lincat.co.uk


  1. Hello good people!

    I’m quite au fait with your products and their quality and reliability, but haven’t realised that you had a blog to keep us updated before I got this link from the Alliance Online blog.

    I’m really impressed with your online marketing efforts, you are really offering potential customers a 24 hour salesperson here.

    Congratulations on the purchase of your laser cutting machine, it is really an awesome investment which will really give you a huge manufacturing edge. I am looking forward to see the creations that are going to come fro that superb machine.

    Anyways, nice finding you guys, and I’ll be following your blog from here on in.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Nick McDonald
    Apr 28, 2010

    Hi Richie

    Thanks for your kind comments – all the way from South Africa! The new machine will certainly help to increase our production capacity. If you need any Lincat products, we have a distributor in Jo’burg: Combi Bake Systems (Tel: +27 114628714).



  3. Thank you for the number, Nick! One has to love how easy the internet makes networking.

    Have a great day!


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