Lincat Equipment – cheaper today than in 1972

Not that we’re hoarders or anything, but I came across a 1972 price list the other day.  Lincat was founded in 1971 so this must be the earliest piece of sales literature still in existence.  Nothing like today’s 48-page, full-colour masterpiece, it was a simple 2?sided photocopy (probably “photostat” back then) of a typed list.

Now, back in 1972 we were listing a DF600/6 twin tank fryer (now a DF66) at £88 and a GS450 (now a GS4) at £57.  Sounds cheap, doesn’t it?  But inflation over the intervening 38 years has pushed up prices, generally, by a factor of 10.07x (if you don’t believe me, check it out at the Office for National Statistics website).

So, if we had increased the price of the DF66 in line with inflation it would now have a list price of £887, whereas our current price is just £717.  And the GS4 would be £574 rather than the eminently affordable £437 we ask today.

And remember, back in the seventies, end users would pay full list price whereas today, you can probably squeeze a decent discount out of your friendly neighbourhood dealer.

When it comes to Lincat equipment prices, you really have never had it so good!


  1. Lincat Catering
    Aug 9, 2011

    It’s almost 39 years gone, and as the time goes the price of every item will increase.

  2. Lincat Ovens
    Sep 24, 2012

    Lincat started out as a cheap supplier of catering equipment and is still continuing to offer great products at exceptional quality :)

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