Buying Guide – catering on a budget…

Is there catering equipment out there for those on a budget? Well many caterers have recently asked us just that, and we’re pleased that yes there is!

There are plenty of great options for caterers who are finding their finances at a bit of a stretch and who are looking for reliable equipment that is also cost-effective. For smaller outlets, we recommend our Lynx 400 range of counter-top catering equipment as the perfect solution during these tough financial times.

Each of the 36 products in the range has been designed and tested to provide outstanding performance, reliability and value for money. This range is also great for hassle-free cooking, with all products supplied with a cable and a 13 amp plug; you can just plug it in, switch it on and start to cook! The Lynx 400 range is ideal for smaller kitchens or occasional use in larger establishments and has everything you could need, including; fryers, chip scuttles, grills, contact grills, griddles, bains marie, boiling top, pasta boiler, pizza oven and convection oven.

Another point to remember is that for larger operations, a lack of budget or space doesn’t mean food output has to be compromised. With fryers, for instance, compact models like our DF36 counter top fryer can produce 26kgs of chips per hour, cooked from chilled, yet measures only 300mm wide and 600mm deep.

Large outlets usually choose heavy duty equipment for its longer life span. Looking again at fryers, our heavy duty Opus 700 model OE7112 free standing fryer has a single tank, a list price of £1,703 and is rated at 12kW. The Opus 700 will also deliver 40kgs of chips per hour, cooked from chilled.

If the budget is even tighter, it’s worth considering a lighter duty version, such as the Silverlink 600 model J12 commercial fryer. The power is similar, it has twin tanks, each rated at 6kW, and it will deliver 52kgs of chips from chilled. Covered by a full 12 months parts and labour warranty, it will see you through uncertain economic times.

Now we’d like to present the case for combi-steamers. A combi such as our Opus SelfCooking Center is one of the most flexible pieces of kit you’ll ever own, doing the work of several pieces of equipment while saving you an enormous amount of time! Catering outlets of all shape and sizes can benefit from one of these, making it a shrewd investment that will keep paying dividends. With most things in life, you get what you pay for – we’d even argue that with one of these, you get far more.

So if you’re thinking of buying some equipment to lower costs and not quality, please check out our website to find more information about these and our other products.


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