Silverlink 600 – new, improved design …

We do everything we can here at Lincat to ensure that our equipment is easy to service or repair.

That’s why we’ve recently redesigned the element hinging mechanism on our Silverlink 600 electric commercial fryers, chargrills and pasta boilers, to enable their thermostats to be replaced, should the need arise, in under ten minutes.

Our products are of course built to last, and have an enviable track record of providing many years of faultless service. But if the thermostat does need to be replaced, the changes we’ve made will enable this to be done quickly and easily.

The new, improved design relates to the 13 electric counter top and floor-standing fryers in our Silverlink 600 range. It also applies to the two electric chargrills and two pasta boilers. These new models are offered at the same price as their predecessors.

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