Green Equipment…

There’s lots of talk just now about ‘green’ catering equipment. The truth of the matter is however that it’s very difficult for caterers to make informed choices about the ‘greenness’ of the kit they’re considering, due to the current absence of any agreed industry wide standards.


That said, one sure way of saving resources is to buy equipment which can be used for more than one cooking process.


Our Opus 700 multi-functional pasta boilers provide a good example. Both models, the 400 mm wide (OE7701) and 600mm wide (OE7702), can be used as a pasta boiler, steamer or bain marie, offering unique versatility and space saving performance.

A range of high quality baskets can be specified to meet individual pasta boiling requirements. Alternatively, perforated or standard gastronorm containers can be ordered to enable the units to be used as a steamer or bain marie.

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