How to serve a great cup of tea…

Customers today are used to seeing a good choice of teas and infusions on the menu, but there’s more to serving these than simply putting a teabag in some boiling water.

Teas must be brewed using water heated to the correct temperature to bring out the best flavour from the leaves, and ideally should be made with filtered water which is free from taint and odour.

For example, green teas should be made with water at 70 degrees Centigrade, while black teas require water close to boiling point.

Our innovative FilterFlow automatic water boilers, with built-in water filtration and variable temperature control, offer an ideal solution. Cost-effective and efficient to run, they’re made from attractive, polished stainless steel.

There are four models to choose from, each featuring comprehensive onboard diagnostics with an easy-to-read LCD panel. This shows the operational status of the boiler and reminds users when to order a new filter and when exactly to change it.

The filter cartridge is as easy to change as a light bulb, with no need to disconnect the water supply or seek the help of a service engineer or plumber.

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