Good news for tea lovers

Great news for tea lovers everywhere – we’ve recently improved the performance of our Lincat FilterFlow automatic water boilers, which produce great tasting filtered water to make perfect tea. We’ve done so by extending the life of their in-built filter cartridges by 33%.

This means that the new FilterFlow cartridges will need to be changed every 4000 litres instead of every 3000, or every six months, whichever is reached first. This will reduce operating costs for users with no additional outlay, since the new improved filters are being supplied at the same price as those they replace.

As more outlets realise that a good hot drinks offer will drive food sales, we’re pleased to have been able to find a way to improve FilterFlow’s performance at no additional cost to our customers.

Take a look at our FilterFlow website for more information and to download our Guide to World Teas:

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  1. David Strickland
    May 1, 2011

    I have to say these water boilers are by far the best in the UK, along with the rest of the Catering Equipment that lincat offer, keep up the good work.

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