New energy efficient insect control

In the depths of winter it’s difficult to imagine warm summer sunshine, gentle breezes wafting through open windows, along with…flies and mosquitoes!

Nevertheless spring will soon be here and every catering establishment needs to take insect control seriously. So now’s the time to get ready and we’ve got just the thing to help – our new range of energy efficient insect control units.

Using 70% less energy than conventional models, they provide effective control of wasps, mosquitoes and other flying insects. The four new models also protect a wider area than their predecessors, providing more than double the coverage, ranging from 80 to 240m2.

Three of the new units are equipped with energy-saving Ecolite™ tubes whilst the fourth, the IC10, is equipped with tubes which have an operating life three times that of conventional tubes.

You can find out more about our new range of insect control units by visiting:

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  1. David Strickland
    May 3, 2011

    Yes for this piece of Catering Equipment is going to be a must have this summer. Ecolite tubes really save you money when the fly killer is on all day.

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