The ‘Spud’s Plaice fryer’ – a new Lincat record breaker…

In October last year, Rod Needham, the new owner of ‘Spud’s Plaice’, an Anglesey-based chip shop, called Lincat’s service department to order new elements for his counter-top fryer.

A straightforward request you might think, given the fact that Lincat maintains a stockholding of over half a million spare parts and components. However it soon became clear that Rod’s fryer was rather special – due to its advanced age.

It turned out to be an LBF2S from Lincat’s old ‘Small Bar’ range. This range was superseded by the Lynx range in 1986 which meant that it was at least 25 years old! Spare parts therefore were of course no longer available.

“It was great to hear that one of our fryers was still going strong after so many years”, said Nick McDonald, Marketing Director of Lincat Ltd. “We decided immediately that we’d like it for our show room, and offered to replace it with a new DF66 twin tank fryer.”

He continued…

“The last mention of this model was in our November 1985 price list and was priced at £201. £201 over 25 years works out at around £8 per year depreciation which must be good value in anybody’s eyes.  I wonder how many servings of chips it has delivered over that time.”

Here’s what Rod had to say…

“I had no idea at all that the fryer was so old. It’s amazing that it had lasted such a long time in a busy chip shop setting. It was fantastic however, to receive the new DF66, which is powerful, compact, easy to use and easy to clean. We use it at busy times during the weekend for things like sausages and scampi, to free up our frying range. It also looks good, which is important since we use it front of house. Thanks again to Lincat!”


  1. David Strickland
    Sep 23, 2011

    Happy to say that we have supplied of few of these fryers to some of our top clients, performance wise there is no better table top fry in this price range for commercial catering equipment

  2. Helen Mitchell
    Sep 23, 2011

    Thanks David, nice to hear it being so highly recommended.

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