Make light work of chargrilling

From summer barbecues to warming winter dishes, chargrilling has become a firm favourite – with everyone except the kitchen staff who have to clean equipment at the end of a busy session.

That’s why we designed our latest electric chargrills not only to be powerhouses capable of rapidly cooking for a high number of steak-lovers, but also easy and straightforward to clean.

But first, let’s look at the power. Our two high-output new electric chargrills square up nicely to their gas rivals. Part of our Opus 700 range of prime cooking equipment, they’re available with a mighty 11.2kW or 2 x 8.25kW and can cook 75 or 110 steaks per hour respectively.

The OE7405 and OE7406 impart an authentic chargrilled or barbecued flavour to food, through the controlled ignition of fat and flaring. Food quality is also enhanced by an in-built water bath, which provides humidity to help keep food succulent and reduce shrinkage.

The new chargrills incorporate independently controlled multiple heat zones for maximum versatility, whilst removable, durable, segmented cast iron grids impart attractive branding marks to food.

They’re simple to use, and cleaning is a breeze, with hinging, interlocked elements and an integral water bath with a front drainage tap.

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  1. David Strickland
    Oct 26, 2011

    I would also state that its cleaner cooking with this piece of catering equipment Lincat have mastered the art of clean cooking through there electric chargrill range and the water bath is ingenious. Healthy eating is the way forward!

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