‘Barefoot Baker’ goes slow

When it comes to baking the perfect loaf, Dave Dobson is convinced that slowly does it best. Dave runs artisan Barefoot Bakery from his home in Spalding, Lincolnshire, in his bare feet (it gets pretty hot in there)! He believes bread that is mixed, shaped and left to prove naturally for over 20 hours before being baked is not just tastier than the mass produced bread we buy from supermarkets, it is healthier too. (Supermarket bread is often made from modified flour and the addition of enzymes to make the yeast work faster so that a loaf can be produced in under an hour.)

Whilst planning his new bakery, Dave realised that he needed to bake no fewer than 24 loaves at a time to be commercially viable. To do this he required an oven that provided power, precise thermostatic control and even heat distribution. The oven also needed to be no deeper than 1 m front to back to fit in his bakery, which is just 3 m wide! Individual oven compartments tall enough to accommodate his loaves were crucial and, of course, he wanted it to look good too.

The solution was our PO430-2 twin-deck, firebrick pizza oven. Dave was so keen to get the right oven, that dealer CaterKwik even arranged for him to come and visit us to take a look before he placed his order. Our pizza oven proved (excuse the pun) to be just what Dave was after and is now installed at the Barefoot Bakery. Dave can bake different breads at the same time because in effect he has two ovens with independent temperature controls and viewing windows. Another advantage is that our pizza oven heats up in just 40 minutes, so he can begin baking his slow bread super quick.

Dave sums up his new oven as follows: “My Lincat oven is robust, it’s powerful – it’s a thing of beauty!”

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