Panther hotcupboards – can we break them?

When we looked at redesigning our range of Panther hotcupboards one of the main obectives was to make them as robust as possible. We know the kind of environments they are used in, from hospitals and care homes, to schools and large restaurants. This means they need to withstand being moved from the kitchen to the service area fully loaded with food and plates, sometimes being taken outside across car parks and other rough surfaces.

So with this in mind we thought we would have a bit of fun ourselves and put one of our 800 Series hotcupboards to the test in the car park at Head Office. Speed bumps included!

Take a look at the video here.

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  1. Lincat Ovens
    Sep 24, 2012

    A great video to demon straight just how durable this product range truly is!

    I do like the idea in the comments on your youtube link, maybe you could have a race with some of the different types of equipment that schools etc might have to rush across car parks to feed people in time?!

    Ofc the race would have to have some sort of twist, such as moving them from A to B in the fastest time without losing or damaging the food to be served for lunch to your staff?

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