FriFri comes to Lincoln

FriFri Vision 311 fryerWe have been very busy in the last few months coordinating the hand over of FriFri high specification fryers from their old base in Italy to our factory in Lincoln. Since the 1st August we have assumed full responsibility of the design, manufacture, technical support, sales and marketing of all FriFri products .

Though currently not widely known in the UK, FriFri (pronounced ‘free free’) fryers are recognised throughout the rest of the world for their extremely high specification. Delivering maximum output from a minimum of floor space, they also extend the life of cooking oil.

Our production department has been working hard to build up a stock of the most popular FriFri models and an abundance of spare parts. Some of us have also had to brush up on our language skills as we have been processing a lot more orders from other countries recently!

We have employed John Shepherd as International Brand Manager to focus solely on sales of FriFri, and with his vast experience in the catering equipment industry he will no doubt be a valuable member of the team.

For more information visit the FriFri website at

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  1. TVC
    Oct 12, 2012

    A great product range, I’m sure these will sell very well in the UK :)

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