BBQ and al-fresco dining – the secrets of success!

Lincat ChargrillIt’s essential to have the right barbeque equipment to deliver a successful al-fresco event, but that doesn’t mean a traditional charcoal burning or lava rock barbeque! That’s because neither gives food its distinctive chargrilled flavour, which is provided instead by the igniting of fat and flaring. Worse still charcoal and lava rock tend to be messy, make equipment difficult to clean and produce inconsistent results.

That’s why we have eliminated the need for lava rock from our Opus 700 and Silverlink 600 chargrills. In its place are specially designed heat transfer radiants. These are more controllable and consistent than lava rock, yet still ignite sufficient fat for optimum flaring to give a distinctive chargrilled taste. And since gas models can operate on propane, they are suitable for outdoor catering.

Lincat introduce new powerful, high efficiency chargrills

We have added a range of powerful, high efficiency gas chargrills to our heavy duty Opus 700 range. There are four new chargrills in all, two of which – the 1200mm wide OG7403N/P and the 1500mm wide OG7404N/P – are Lincat’s largest chargrills to date.

The new chargrills deliver energy savings of 55%, thanks to the innovative design of their infra-red ceramic plaque burners. These produce intense heat output from relatively low kW input, to achieve outstanding cooking performance and energy efficiency.

They also offer the extremely fast heat up required by busy commercial kitchens. Flexibility is provided by multiple heat zones which can be operated separately. These enable users either to create a heat gradient across the cooking area, or to turn sections off during quiet periods to save energy. 01522 875500

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