BBQ and al-fresco dining – the secrets of success!

Lincat ChargrillIt’s essential to have the right barbeque equipment to deliver a successful al-fresco event, but that doesn’t mean a traditional charcoal burning or lava rock barbeque! That’s because neither gives food its distinctive chargrilled flavour, which is provided instead by the igniting of fat and flaring. Worse still charcoal and lava rock tend to be messy, make equipment difficult to clean and produce inconsistent results.

That’s why we have eliminated the need for lava rock from our Opus 700 and Silverlink 600 chargrills. In its place are specially designed heat transfer radiants. These are more controllable and consistent than lava rock, yet still ignite sufficient fat for optimum flaring to give a distinctive chargrilled taste. And since gas models can operate on propane, they are suitable for outdoor catering.

Lincat introduce new powerful, high efficiency chargrills

We have added a range of powerful, high efficiency gas chargrills to our heavy duty Opus 700 range. There are four new chargrills in all, two of which – the 1200mm wide OG7403N/P and the 1500mm wide OG7404N/P – are Lincat’s largest chargrills to date.

The new chargrills deliver energy savings of 55%, thanks to the innovative design of their infra-red ceramic plaque burners. These produce intense heat output from relatively low kW input, to achieve outstanding cooking performance and energy efficiency.

They also offer the extremely fast heat up required by busy commercial kitchens. Flexibility is provided by multiple heat zones which can be operated separately. These enable users either to create a heat gradient across the cooking area, or to turn sections off during quiet periods to save energy. 01522 875500

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A watched kettle DOES boil, eventually

Over a working day we monitored the time spent waiting for a kettle to boil. On average, each person waiting was making a round of drinks for five people, filling the kettle between half and two-thirds full.

We included the time spent filling the kettle from the tap, just a few feet away from the kettle base. We stopped recording when the kettle switched off at boiling point. Time spent pouring was not recorded.

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Buying Guide: Griddles and Grills

Despite the current cold weather the demand for lighter, healthier food is on the increase. It is good news therefore that griddles, grills and chargrills allow outlets of all sizes to meet that growing demand for lower fat options.

But it’s not just about offering grilled rather than battered or fried fish, burgers, sausages and steaks. Griddles and grills are great for crepes, flat breads and even fruit. It is even possible to stir fry directly onto the griddle plate, for example to produce Mongolian-style dishes. (more…)

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First impressions count…

There’s no doubt about it, beautifully prepared food, attractively displayed, can prove to be irresistible. So choosing the right servery and food display equipment is a key issue for any catering business.

The choice however can be bewildering, with a vast array of manufacturers and models available – offering heated, ambient and refrigerated solutions. Here are some general guidelines and points to consider…

First and foremost you should always choose a reputable manufacturer to be sure of compliance with all relevant regulations, and to ensure ongoing service and spare parts availability.

Another sound piece of advice is to think about your future needs as well as your present needs. Try to buy the best unit that funds will allow, providing you with extra capacity as your business expands.

But what else should you look for?


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Choosing a new fryer? Which is best – gas or electricity?

Choosing between gas and electricity is a key concern when it comes to buying a new commercial fryer. In a nutshell gas fryers tend to be more expensive to buy but cheaper to run. This is due to the relative cost of gas and electricity in the UK at this time. But of course choices are rarely that easy to make and a range of other factors is likely to come into play.

Chief among these is the nature of the existing electricity supply to your kitchen. Inevitably this will have an upper limit and if you are currently operating at or near to it, a gas-powered fryer may be the only way to avoid the additional expense of upgrading your electricity supply. If you are choosing a fryer in addition to other equipment, and the electricity supply is limited, there may be certain pieces of equipment, for example an oven, which you may prefer to be powered by electricity. (more…)

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