The Opus SelfCooking Center – the complete breakfast solution

An Opus SelfCooking Center is an excellent choice for breakfast production. In fact it’s really the only piece of cooking equipment you need to prepare a cooked English breakfast.

Bacon, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms and toast can all be grilled using the SelfCooking Center’s snack/breakfast mode. You can fry eggs in the MultiBaker’ tray, scramble eggs in a gastronorm or even grill kippers, all at the same time and with no taste transfer. It takes an average of just 6 minutes to prepare all the items you need for a cooked breakfast.


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How to serve a great cup of tea…

Customers today are used to seeing a good choice of teas and infusions on the menu, but there’s more to serving these than simply putting a teabag in some boiling water.

Teas must be brewed using water heated to the correct temperature to bring out the best flavour from the leaves, and ideally should be made with filtered water which is free from taint and odour.

For example, green teas should be made with water at 70 degrees Centigrade, while black teas require water close to boiling point.

Our innovative FilterFlow automatic water boilers, with built-in water filtration and variable temperature control, offer an ideal solution. Cost-effective and efficient to run, they’re made from attractive, polished stainless steel. (more…)

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Green Equipment…

There’s lots of talk just now about ‘green’ catering equipment. The truth of the matter is however that it’s very difficult for caterers to make informed choices about the ‘greenness’ of the kit they’re considering, due to the current absence of any agreed industry wide standards.


That said, one sure way of saving resources is to buy equipment which can be used for more than one cooking process.


Our Opus 700 multi-functional pasta boilers provide a good example. Both models, the 400 mm wide (OE7701) and 600mm wide (OE7702), can be used as a pasta boiler, steamer or bain marie, offering unique versatility and space saving performance.

A range of high quality baskets can be specified to meet individual pasta boiling requirements. Alternatively, perforated or standard gastronorm containers can be ordered to enable the units to be used as a steamer or bain marie.

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Top ‘green’ tip…

It’s an obvious point but one well worth making…if kitchen equipment is not in use, switch it off. It’s all too easy to light equipment at the start of the day and keep it ‘on standby’ until it’s next required. The reality is that it takes just a moment to re-light, so switch off when it’s not in use and do your bit to save the environment!

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How to get the most out of your combi steamer

Advanced combi steamers, such as our Opus SelfCooking Centers bring push button simplicity to cooking. That said it takes a little forward thinking and a little planning to ensure that you get the most out of your combi. Here are some ideas to get you started…

Think ahead…

The key to getting the most out of your combi steamer is to think ahead and plan your production.

A good place to start is to think about how many hours a day your combi is currently being used. Then think about filling the gaps – perhaps with pastry production or blanching veg. (more…)

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