Work Experience Jack Dickenson-Fogg

This week I have had my work experience at Lincat, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. To begin with I was quite nervous, but as soon as I arrived I was made very welcome. I have been in various departments throughout the week, which gave me a good insight into the many different roles within the company.

On my first day I had an introduction with Nick McDonald, the Marketing Director. In this Introduction I was informed of the many products made at the factory in Lincoln, and some of the basic background information of Lincat. This then set me up to begin working in the marketing department. During this time in the marketing department I had various different projects to complete, my first project was to evaluate the Lincat website and compare it to the other catering appliance manufacturer’s websites. Then I had my health and safety talk, with Paul Bilboa, this included a tour around the factory and a quick quiz on back injury. After completing a short course in health and safety I was awarded a certificate in manual handling.                                                            


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