Choosing a new fryer? Which is best – gas or electricity?

Choosing between gas and electricity is a key concern when it comes to buying a new commercial fryer. In a nutshell gas fryers tend to be more expensive to buy but cheaper to run. This is due to the relative cost of gas and electricity in the UK at this time. But of course choices are rarely that easy to make and a range of other factors is likely to come into play.

Chief among these is the nature of the existing electricity supply to your kitchen. Inevitably this will have an upper limit and if you are currently operating at or near to it, a gas-powered fryer may be the only way to avoid the additional expense of upgrading your electricity supply. If you are choosing a fryer in addition to other equipment, and the electricity supply is limited, there may be certain pieces of equipment, for example an oven, which you may prefer to be powered by electricity. (more…)

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Why are ranges still popular?

I was asked for my thoughts recently on whether the traditional 6 burner oven range has had its day. 

It was an easy question to answer because despite the economic downturn we’re still selling many more traditional cooking ranges than we did a decade ago and the proportion of ranges sold, relative to other items of equipment, has also grown.

So, far from having had its day in busy kitchens, we believe the range is more popular than ever. Here are some thoughts as to why…


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