Thinking of introducing all-day dining? Here are some practical tips

In the current economic climate, more and more pubs are thinking about introducing all-day dining in a bid to maximise profits. But first-time ventures into the world of catering can prove daunting.

Pubs need to select the best cooking equipment to cope with numbers they plan to serve, the choice of food on their menu as well as more practical considerations of kitchen space and cost. Getting the right advice on the right products from the start will prevent costly mistakes and profit-swallowing refits. (more…)

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Service matters – to your bottom line!

I wonder how often any of us buys anything on price alone.  If you are buying a new car that you need to rely on for your daily social and business use, do you go for the cheapest you can find? (“Yes, Sir, it’s got four wheels, an engine and a gearbox – it will suit you down to the ground”).  Or perhaps you need to consider its reliability and performance. After all there’s nothing more frustrating than a car that just won’t start, or one that just conks out, far from home in the driving rain.


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